About Bright Common
As Bright Common we are designers practicing reconciliation.

We are finding our way forward towards older truths, casting about for those ever present patterns that reveal the way.

We submit to our interdependence on and endeavor our work to be in a regenerative dialogue with the Earth.

Through responsive simplicity, pattern recognition, and resistance we undertake bioregional specific place-making conducive to thriving biota.

Jeremy Avellino founded Bright Common to continue an exploratory collaboration of beauty, truth, and play in the built environment. With a deep green sensibility his experience in both traditional architecture and design-build firms helped him work in residential, commercial, non-profit, and institutional sectors. As a Registered Architect and LEED-AP his main work is fostering a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship between Partners (clients), Builders (makers), and the Earth we inhabit. He holds a B.Arch from Philadelphia University.

When not designing, he can be found hanging with the coolest wife & kid in town, forming community at Circle of Hope, surfing, growing food, teaching beginning design students at his alma mater, and advocating for affordable housing and land redistribution in his native Philadelphia.

Certified Passive House Designer, Passive House Institute, 2015
State of New Jersey: Registered Architect, 2015
Commonwealth of Virginia: Registered Architect, 2015
NCARB Certified, 2015
Member: Society of American Registered Architects, 2015
Member: Sustainable Business Network, 2015
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Registered Architect, 2011
Member, Good Business Consortium, Circle of Hope, 2011 to present
Member, Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land, 2009 to present
U.S. Green Building Council: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), Accredited Professional, 2007
Green Advantage® Commercial Certified Building Practitioner, 2007
Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia University School of Architecture, 2007 to present
Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Bachelor of Architecture, 1998

The Philadelphia Inquirer April 2015: Casa Lattanzio
Philadelphia Magazine March 2015: The Pickle Factory
Copious amounts of press available upon request (2012): Pizza Brain
GRID magazine November 2009: Fair Food Farmstand*
I.D. Magazine January/February 2007: MINUS Collective profile
Architectural Record February 2006: Rag Flats residential development
Philadelphia Daily News August 22, 2005: Rag Flats residential development
Philadelphia City Paper June 2-9 2005: Rag Flats residential development

*Jeremy Avellino served as Project Architect for this project while with Re:Vision Architecture

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